I write because….

Since childhood, I always liked fantasy stories. Be it the feeling of being in the mountains with Heidi or a schoolmate of Harry Potter. The writing of these authors amazed me. The world they take us into is so mesmerizing that it’s hard to come out of it and once when I am out, it feels a part of me is lost within it.

The writing can be so powerful, that it can change our world. Writing was a habit developed during school days as a part of article submissions. However later it became a hobby, writing short stories or poems during vacation or school/college breaks which was long lost.

While reading takes me to a beautiful world of the authors, writing helps me create a world of myself. The world in which I want me, my readers all to dive and flow with the beauty of it. Being in a world of such great fantasies has its own beauty but having to create a one does not have a word to describe the feeling.



Bitterness leads to sweetness!!!

It kept mocking at me and I couldn’t understand how to stop it.

Day and night, I kept thinking what more should I do, to rise in it’s eyes.

The more I tried, the harder it felt. To give up was not my way, so I had the only option “try”.

They say to get what you love is not easy and today here I am undergoing the experience myself.

Clinging to it I tried my best. The saying does go true- Hard work pays.

But there is more to it than the words. Patience is bitter but the reward is sweet.


A new beginning…

Oh yes, it is indeed a new beginning for me. A new place to start over all fresh. Entering a new country with lot of hopes, wishes, dreams and what not. It started with the most annoying turned delighted journey of my life.

Loaded with 2 big bags (obviously overloaded, that’s my trend) and a cabin bag, I entered the airport assuming that all the process will be smooth flowing and I would be welcomed with garlands by the beautiful airhostesses (Yes that’s too much of a dream). But fate had it otherwise.

Instead as I neared to check-in my bags and get my boarding pass, I was rather welcomed by an intriguing staff and a security official making me wonder as if they were waiting for me for long.

For a process of just 5 min, it took nearly 1 hour struggling with luggage and completing all the formalities during the start of which I kept wondering will I be making this trip but at the end of which I was relieved and happy with the way I was finally treated.

After which all the remaining process went in smoothly and then it was time for me to board the flight.

For a long flight, you always wonder who would sit next to you. Yes it does matter. All the weird thoughts came to my mind which finally went to rest when I saw an old grandpa would be my companion throughout the journey.

Should I talk to him? what will he think? I guess he would want to sleep? Few random thoughts to which I had no control.

In next few minutes, we became close buddies me explaining him, how to operate the small screen ahead of us and he giving me tips on food that I should try once in my life time. Sharing things with this unknown grandpa was so fun, I felt as if my wish to spend time with my late grandpa was fulfilled somehow.

Didn’t realize when we finally landed to the place where the love of my life would be waiting for me outside.

Saying farewell is one of the few painful things that I hate doing it. But then it also says we will meet again.

With that thought in mind, I proceeded to immigration counter just to see a big queue waiting for me. However, the joy of going to be with him, the feeling of being in a new country, thought of all the new adventures that I would have here kept my daydreaming on going and did not realize it was me next in the line.

Phewww thinking of lifting all the bags in the luggage section. I should have done some exercise before. Such thoughts come to my mind and just to my mind alone and most importantly only at times like these because rest of the time where they do, well my mid does not have any idea.

As I pushed my trolley outside the gate, the smile on his face, removed all the tiredness within me and I was all fresh to start my new beginning.